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                   Twenty Ninth Street United Methodist Church
Pastor Deborah Port (above)
750 S. 29th Street, Harrisburg, PA 17111  |  717-564-5821  |  email: 29thstumc@gmail.com
Dart Baseball (2017-2018 Season)
Tuesday, 7pm
Location: Fellowship Hall, lower level of the church
The 2017-2018 Dartball season is here! Practice is held on Sunday evenings at 6:30pm or Tuesday evenings at 7pm in Fellowship Hall. All are invited to be a part of the team. No experience is necessary and a fund evening for all is, well almost, guaranteed. Contact team Captain Randi Bateman for more information or to join.
Vesper Patio Worship Service
All are welcome to join us around the fire pit on the front patio of the church for worship/communion and fellowship in casual setting. If weather is inclement the service will be held inside in the Narthex.


Sisters of Faith Together (S.O.F.T.) Group
Meet the first Monday of each month.
Facilitators: Cindy G. & Cindy R.
Sisters of Faith Together (SOFT) is a women's group that gathers to study various books/readings. They are currently studying Feasts of the Bible. No books are required for this study and you can join at any time.
Message from the Pastor:

"My Sabbath Rest: I know that there is nothing better for people than to be happy and to do good while they live. That each of them may eat and drink and find satisfaction in all their toil, this is the gift from God." - Ecclesiastes 3:12-13

One of my seminary projects that will always have lingering effects was a study on the Sabbath. My research was not the kind that took place in a library, but in my family and home. I had to practice observing Sabbath. 
My first obstacle: As a pastor when was my Sabbath? For the sake of my project, I decided to observe Sabbath on Saturdays, but I discovered that depending on the circumstances of my life, this may need to shift at times. The important part was having a Sabbath. My next obstacle; what would it look like? I had to decide what counted as work. What would I do and what would I leave sit? At the time, I was serving a church, raising two small children and going to school. My anxiety was immediately triggered at the thought of one whole day where I could not get things done. I am a person who likes checking things off a list and feeling accomplished when I see progress has been made. I worried this Sabbath experience would greatly interfere with my plans and schedule. Thankfully, it did! Amazingly, it was nothing like I thought it would be. The first Sabbath took intentional efforts to not work. This meant I could not work on homework, church work, or housework. I allowed for the necessities like cooking and cleaning up spills. I worked hard at not answering phone calls, checking emails, and partaking in busy work.

I discovered that Sabbath is not about what you can not do, but is a joyful experience of doing the things you want to do since you are not worried about the normal workload. Imagine a day where you have off and have no worries about upcoming deadlines? When our minds are at peace, we are blessed by being fully present in what is happening in the moment. It could be something simple like taking a walk and knowing you can leave your phone at home and not look at the time because there is no reason to rush home. It is the ability to say, "yes" to an experience instead of turning it down because there is no time.

So how do we take a Sabbath? 
1) Identify when. Maybe your Sabbath is in the middle of the week. Maybe it is a different day every week. Mark it on the calendar.  
2) Take a full day. Yes, you can have Sabbath times for an hour here and there, and this can be wonderful and beneficial. But it is also enjoyment in activities is a blessing we should not dismiss. 
3) Work when it is time to work. Look at your schedule ahead of time. Some things will need to be finished the day before so you don't have to worry about them. Whatever is on hold until after Sabbath may cause stress at first. It takes some practice to allow ourselves to set aside that anxious inner voice that tells us it must be done now. 
4) Don't do it alone. It is important to tell your family or others close to you what you are doing so you can have support and accountability. 
5) Receive God's blessing. 

-  Pastor Deb
How can I know what is going on in our conference?

Visit the Susquehanna Conference website for up to date announcements and resources at susumc.org.

Visit the Harrisburg District website at harrisburgdistrict.org.

Pick up a copy of The Link (a conference publication) available in the Narthex.

Watch the bulletin board for special letters from the Bishop.
Why Membership Classes

Every year we offer at least one membership class. In the past, the typical journey of a person was to be baptized when young, be part of the church family and go through a confirmation class as young adults where one could learn more about what was said at their baptism and take on the covenant role for themselves.

We recognize that our journeys with God all look different and that, in HIS love and wisdom, we have been placed together for a time such as this. You may be just coming to church for the first time. Maybe you grew up in church, but never really looked at what it means to be  a member. You may be baptized or unbaptized to take a class.

What it looks like: The class is usually taught in the setting of a small group. We gather to look at what all Christians believe, what is said and meant in baptism and membership vows, learn some church history, and become familiar with our local congregation here at Twenty-Ninth Street United Methodist Church. You will learn what takes place in the ministry of the church, how we are structured, and hear ways you can be an active part of that ministry in ways that are suited to the gifts God has given to you. 

We also recognize that schedules can be difficult and life is busy. Classes are scheduled to meet your needs. Sometimes these take place on a Sunday morning before worship for a few weeks. Other times, the pastor meets with people one-on-one for one or two longer sessions. You can go through this as a family group, with friends and we can arrange any location.

If you are interested you can email the pastor at 29thstumc@gmail.com or fill out a ministry request form. 


Christian Education & Faith Formation ATTENTION MEN!!!
Coming in September...
A men's discussion/study group will meet once a month. They will be reading , discussing and studying the book "The Divine Dance - The Trinity and Your Transformation" by Richard Rohr with Mike Morrell. Please see Terry Grove, Nic Port or Bill Yeager if interested.
2017-2018 Game Schedule
September 26th (away) @ Paxton UMC
October 3rd (home) 
October 10th (away) @ Grace UMC
October 17th (home)
October 24th (away) @ Tree of Life
October 31st (away) @ United Church of God (UCOG)
November 7th (home)
November 14th (home)
November 21st (away) @ Rockville UMC
December 5th (home)
December 12th (away) @ Penbrook Church of God
January 2nd (home)
January 9th (away) @ St. John's Lutheran Church (Lemoyne)
January 13th (home)
January 23rd (home)
January 30th (away) @ Calvary UMC
February 6th (away) @ Paddletown UMC
February 13th (home)
.... then Playoffs....